Lincoln Academy Campus Map

Student Artwork by Leon Wang ’18

Artwork Created by Leon Wang

Lincoln Academy 360° Tours

Please take a long, leisurely tour of Lincoln Academy, courtesy of the LA Ambassadors. Click and drag over the 360° photos to look around and watch the videos for a short description of each location. Our Ambassadors are available by email to answer questions. Please find their contact information and biographies on our LA Ambassadors Page.

Welcome to LA!

Drag the cursor in each photo for a 360° view of sites on campus. Use the play button to hear Ambassador’s introduction to different sites.

Lincoln Academy Main Entrance


Hall of Presidents: The Fishbowl

Parker Poe Theater

Softball Field, Poe Theater & Choir

Dining Commons

Main Entrance

Lincoln Academy Library

Nelson Bailey Gymnasium 360°

William Clark Turf Field

Hall House Art Studio

Kiah Bayley Dorm Lobby

John Bowers Baseball Field

Tennis Courts

Applied Technology Center (ATEC)

ATEC Metal & Welding

ATEC Wood Shop

Lincoln Academy Satellite Map