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The Lincoln Academy bell tower, an iconic symbol of our historic town academy, will undergo significant repairs in the fall of 2023.

Due to significant structural issues, the pillared belfry and bell was removed from its perch atop the LA main building in October of 2023 for much-needed restoration. The white pillars and roof of the belfry will be replaced, and the structural beams that support the tower from basement to roof will be stabilized.

Upon removing the bell from the tower, we discovered that the bell itself is a Hooper Bell that was cast in Boston in 1854 by Henry Hooper, who was trained in Paul Revere’s foundry. We are pleased to report that the bell itself is in excellent condition, something we didn’t know until after it was removed and we were able to inspect it on the ground.

As we give our bell the attention and care it deserves, we are collecting stories about the bell and its symbolic role at Lincoln Academy, as well as raising funds to support the restoration project.

Raise the Bell Campaign

The Raise the Bell campaign is an opportunity for Lincoln Academy to engage the greater community in the restoration of the campus bell tower and the preservation of our historic artifacts.

The bell tower has stood firmly in the tradition of Lincoln Academy since the school house was built on Stagg Hill in 1828. Generations of alumni have been welcomed, celebrated, and commemorated by the ringing of the bell from this historic tower. The physical structure and its indelible image is deeply planted in the mind and memories of all who have been part of the Lincoln Academy community.

As the most recognizable part of the oldest structure on campus, the tower and its bell represent the close connection between our 220 year traditions and the current community that assembles each school day on the campus. This campaign will focus on preserving the physical tradition of the bell tower and bell, as well as preserving historical archives and the oral traditions of the school for the future.

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In addition to preserving the physical tradition of the tower and bell, join in building historical archives and preserving traditions of the school for the future.  Please share your story of the LA Bell Tower for our archives!