Alumni Awards

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The Lincoln County Alumni Association presents three annual awards: Alumni Service Awards, Alumnus of the Year, and Sports Hall of Fame Inductions.

Alumni Service Award Recipients

The Alumni Service Award was given for the first time in 2008. This award recognizes dedicated and outstanding service to Lincoln Academy.




Graduating Class Year

2023 Drusilla French Sanford Class of 1964
2022 Dennis Prior Class of 1991
2022 Juliet Kelsey-Holmes Class of 1992
2021 Jodie Elwell Class of 1981
2020 Clayton Huntley Jr. Class of 1970
2019 Chris Feltis Class of 1979
2019 Rodney Waltz Class of 1975
2018 Laurie Bouchard Class of 1973
2017 Robert Baldwin Class of 1962
2016 Shirley Welton Class of 1965
2015 Cathy Fish Walker Class of 1962
2014 Mark Potter Class of 1972
2013 Joanna Cameron Class of 1953
2012 Mary Sue Weeks Class of 1962
2011 Paula Roberts Class of 1975
2010 Ellen Hunt Class of 1963
2009 Jean Eaton Class of 1954
2008 John Chapman Class of 1958

Alumnus of the Year Award Recipients

The Lincoln Academy Alumnus of the Year award, started in 1960 and awarded annually since then, recognizes a lifetime of significant accomplishments in the honoree’s profession and service to the larger community.




Graduating Class Year

2023 Norman Hunt Class of 1961
2022 Cindy Wade Class of 1983
2021 Robert Reny Class of 1971
2020 Malcolm Hunter Jr. Class of 1970
2019 Chris Roberts Class of 1974
2018 Ann McFarland Class of 1973
2017 Northrup Fowler Class of 1962
2016 Calvin Dodge Class of 1956
2015 Glenn Chadbourne Class of 1978
2014 Robert Packard Class of 1954
2013 Rosa Redonnett Class of 1975
2012 Mark Johnston Class of 1971
2011 Robert Clifford Class of 1975
2010 Alden McFarland Class of 1965
2009 John Reny Class of 1969
2008 Lewis Burleigh Class of 1958
2007 George N. Weston Class of 1938
2006 Ralph Hilton Class of 1940
2005 Arlene Cole Class of 1947
2004 Natalie House Class of 1954
2003 Robert Bryant Class of 1943
2002 William Carter Class of 1958
2001 Winton Jacobs Class of 1950
2000 Don Carrigan Class of 1969
1999 Fred French Class of 1943
1998 George Cole Class of 1946
1997 Frank Steele Class of 1937
1996 Virginia Wyman Cunningham Class of 1952
1995 Afton Bates Haggett Class of 1935
1994 Howard Bartlett Class of 1936
1993 Samuel Belknap Class of 1939
1992 Jamie Birkett Class of 1954
1991 Harland Hatch Class of 1958
1990 Ethel Barnes Dickinson Class of 1921
1989 E. Ashley Walter, Jr. Class of 1928
1988 Alan Pease Class of 1948
1987 Jessie Briggs Gunthner Class of 1965
1986 Andrew Williamson III Class of 1951
1985 Neil Sprague Class of 1948
1984 Walter Chapman Class of 1925
1983 Thelma Bowdin Clark Class of 1929
1982 Bruce Cameron Class of 1952
1981 Robert Belknap, Jr. Class of 1940
1980 Ralph Lovell Class of 1928
1979 Linwood Palmer, Jr. Class of 1938
1978 Carl Hilton Class of 1924
1977 Llewellyn Cooper Class of 1943
1976 Harold Clark Class of 1920
1975 Wolcott Andrews Class of 1922
1974 Maynard Waltz Class of 1934
1973 Harvey Gamage Class of 1917
1972 Chester Brown Class of 1931
1971 John Blake Class of 1937
1970 Harold Castner Class of 1907
1969 Maurice Day Class of 1910
1968 Chandler Stetson, Jr. Class of 1937
1967 Howard Wood Class of 1916
1966 Stanley Waltz Class of 1916
1965 Jasper Stahl Class of 1904
1964 Lester Weeks Class of 1909
1963 Lawrence Averill Class of 1908
1962 Rufus Stetson Class of 1904
1961 Philip Donnell Class of 1907
1960 William Wyman Class of 1915

Lincoln Academy Sports Hall of Fame Inductees


The LA sports Hall of Fame was established by the Alumni Council in 2012 to recognize outstanding contributions to LA athletics by athletes, coaches, school officials and members of the LA community. To submit a nominee, click here. Nominations due by January 31st each year.



Class Year

2023 Peter Campbell Class of 1965
Ned Collins Class of 1962
Kyle Feltis Class of 2004
Jordan Friedland Class of 2012
2022 Malcolm Oliver Class of 2012
Adam Wheeler Class of 1989
Leon Oliver Class of 1982
LeeAnn Oliver Class of 1982
2021 Elizabeth Williamson Class of 1984
David Gregory Class of 2004
2019 William Clark Class of 1960
Phil Page Class of 1970
Diane Hubert Tefft Class of 1973
Chris McKenney Class of 1989
2017 Bridget O’Bryan Widmaier Class of 1986
Walter White Coach
J. “Luke” Houghton Class of 1988
Ralph Hilton Class of 1940
2016 David Lincoln Class of 1966
Lincoln Page Class of 1968
Aaron Bradbury Class of 1989
Jon Pinkham Class of 1989
Meredith Garey Anand Class of 1995
Heather Taylor Class of 2001
2015 Mary Blanchard Class of 1988
Daniel Day Class of 1965
Debbie Russell Class of 1990
Michelle Russell Walker Class of 1988
Silas Skillin Class of 1953
Stephanie Newell Moore Class of 2000
2014 Jeff Bradbury Coach
Arlene McCurda Cole Class of 1947
Kenneth Dodge Class of 1963
Stephen Reed Class of 1965
Lowell Simmons Class of 1935
Robert Tukey Class of 1964
2013 Nelson Bailey Coach
Ralph Bond Class of 1942
Matthew Budrow Class of 2001
Jennifer Conley Davis Class of 1982
Nan Justice Coach
Austin Lincoln Coach
Kyle O’Bryan Class of 1989
Otis Page Jr. Class of 1949
Paula Roberts Class of 1975
Neil Sprague Class of 1948
2012 Robert Clunie Jr. Coach
Arthur Dexter Coach
Gladys(Ayer) Johnston Class of 1947
Ethan Nedeau Class of 1991
Terri Nelson Class of 1979
Bobby Pearson Class of 1959
Chris Perry Class of 1984
Dan Pinkham Class of 1961
Raymond Roberts Class of 1945
Andy Williamson Class of 1951


Heather D’Ippolito : Director of Community Engagement and Development
Heather D’Ippolito (207) 563-3596 x2218

Heather joined the Community Engagement and Development Office at Lincoln Academy in January 2020 and became Director of the office in June of 2022. She has spent her career in education, and is particularly passionate about connecting young people to real world learning experiences. A born and raised Mainer, Heather feels very fortunate to call the midcoast home. She lives in Bremen with her husband and her daughter.

Academic Affiliations: 

Saint Michael's College, BA in English

Lehman College (CUNY), MS in Secondary English Education

Sarah Kennedy : Community Engagement and Development Office
Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy '00 grew up in Pemaquid and studied Spanish and International Relations at the University of Maine and the University of Costa Rica.  She was the volunteer coordinator for La Esperanza Granada and then went on to work for Sustainable Harvest International as the Director of Development and later transitioned to directing the organization's outreach and service learning programs in Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama.  In 2012, Sarah took a position with Santa Clara University's Center of Sustainability to develop school garden and community nutrition programs in San Jose City Schools.

In 2013, Sarah’s family had the opportunity to return to Maine and Sarah started working with Lincoln Academy’s new Residential Life Program. Sarah developed LA’s homestay program and loves welcoming students from around the globe to our community here in the Midcoast. In 2023 Sarah joined LA's Community Engagement and Development Team.  

Academic Affiliations:

B.A. International Relations - University of Maine, Orono
B.A. Spanish - University of Maine, Orono

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