Technology Support

Email any technology questions not covered by the information below to

While LA is a Bring Your Own Device school, should you need to borrow a laptop long term, please complete this form, as the student or parent/guardian.

Short-term and daily loans are also available. Short-term loans will also require completion of this form.

Printing at LA

Click here for a list of public printers at Lincoln Academy, and instructions on how to add them to your device.

PowerSchool Mobile app for class meeting based attendance.

Internet access while away from Lincoln Academy

If you have no Internet access at home, the LA Library has hot spots that you can borrow which will allow you to complete your school work. Visit the LA Library to learn more! Additionally, here is a list of available local free wireless sites:

1) Damariscotta- Skidompha Public Library- for a google map, click here
2) Damariscotta- Miles Memorial Hospital Campus – for a google map, click here
3) Damariscotta- McDonald’s – map here
4) Damariscotta- Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop & Cafe – for a google map, click here
5) Bristol-Computer Connection – for a google map, click here
6) Wiscasset – Wiscasset Public Library- for a google map, click here
7) Waldoboro – Waldoboro Public Library- for a google map, click here


Your LA Gmail address will be shut down at the end of the school year following your graduation. You should establish your own personal email address if you haven’t already. Exhibit good digital citizenship by choosing an address that is professional enough to use when seeking employment or further education.

Google Takeout

You may also use Google Takeout to make an archive of your Lincoln Academy Google account data by following the instructions listed below.
Google Takeout is the backup service provided to you through your Google Apps Account. Make sure you are logged into your LA Google Apps account and then navigate to:

This will bring you to the advanced settings within your Google Apps Account which hosts the Google Takeout application.

Home and Office Social Media
Contacts Profile YouTube
Drive Hangouts Google+Photos
Mail (Gmail not Exchange) Google+Circles
Calendar Google+Stream
Check what you would like to backup and then click Create Archive. You can choose the file format you wish the data to download as – this defaults to zip file.
You do not have to stay on this page if you check the option “Email me when ready” which will notify you when the zip file is available. This may take awhile depending on the amount of data you have stored.