Cable-Burns ATEC



ATEC is a fantastic new facility, well equipped with great resources. The building sits in a unique position between traditional skills like wood working and metal working on one hand, and modern skills like computer aided design and computer science on the other. Our programs aim to make best use of the resources here, as well as foster independence, creativity, innovation and community. We would like students to gain a sense of agency to know that they have the capacity to shape their own world, and to grow the inclination to do so. When programs take place with partnerships in the community, all participants learn a new level of collaboration, and can more deeply explore complex problems.

List of Resources:

  • The Robert and Margret Baker Classroom for 21st Century Technical Education
  • The First, N.A. Design Studio
  • Christine Sherman Nelson Metal Fab Lab
  • Edward B. Denny, Jr. Woodworking Shop
  • Class of 1938 Automotive Lab
  • Digital Fabrication Studio
  • 3D printers
  • Laser cutter
  • CNC Machine
  • Electronics kits