The School Year is Coming to and End!


Mr Abbott and a number of seniors braved the early morning hours and welcomed the sunrise at Pemaquid Point yesterday morning: “As you seniors prepare to graduate- you truly are starting a new day.  What a wonderful morning, sunrise, and moment in time this is.  Be proud, be excited, and keep being great humans!”  This sentiment from Mr Abbott captures all of our wishes and hopes for our graduating seniors. 

Last weekend, Lincoln Academy celebrated prom at Lakehurst Lodge in Damariscotta. Students gathered beforehand for portraits and dinner, and were then driven to the prom venue by dorm staff.  Our students reported having a wonderful time dancing and singing- we are happy to share some photos of that evening with you.  This week, seniors are participating in multiple graduation rituals, including Senior Tea and Class Night.   Please keep an eye on the LA Flickr account for updated photos! 

On Tuesday evening, the dorm community came together to celebrate our year together with a slide show and dorm awards.  A video of the slideshow is available here.    Dorm awards include “Best Dorm Big Brother” to Tuan, “Best Dorm Big Sister” to Delane, “Most Likely to Jump into the Water First” to Tokyo and “Most likely to become CEO” to Nandi. Be sure to ask your student which award they were given- it was great fun!

For our underclassmen (Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors), students are preparing to take final exams, which begin next week.  Students will have the opportunity to exercise at the YMCA and go out to dinner this weekend.  However, much of our focus will be on packing, preparing to leave, and studying for final exams.  As always, be sure to check in with your students during this time.  Many are beginning to feel the academic pressure of exams, as well as the grief of leaving the dorms and close friends.

Preparing for Departure

Shipping & Storage:  Closing the dorm and moving students out is a complex process.  Seniors are expected to be out of the dorm by 3pm on Saturday, June 8, and underclassmen the following week,  by 3pm on Friday, June 14.  Dorm staff will supervise the packing and cleaning of rooms, sorting items no longer wanted, supporting shipping of items that won’t fit in suitcases, and ensuring that records, medications, and other belongings are returned.  Please work with your students to ensure that they understand the need to be organized and efficient as we work to complete these important tasks.

Any returning student may leave items in the dorm storage area.  All items must be boxed and well-labeled.  For anyone not returning, all personal belongings must be packed, donated, or shipped prior to leaving campus.  End-of-year departure plans are now past due in Orah.

Any senior, attending college in the US, may leave items in the dorm storage area.  Boxes must be addressed and money will be kept in their ER fund account to pay for shipping those items in the fall. 

Please continue to be in touch with any changing travel plans.  We wish you safe travels! 

Be well and take care,

ResLife Graduation Party Invite

Monica Tan

Director of Residential Life

Jake Abbott

Dean of Students

Jake Abbott

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 5: 6-8 pm on the Upper Field. Class Night 

Thursday, June 6: 6:15 pm beginning downtown. Baccalaureate March. 7 pm on the Upper Field. Baccalaureate Ceremony.

Friday June 7. No school. Graduation. 1 pm on the Stanley Waltz Track Field.

Monday, June 10: 6 pm at Lincoln Theater. Premiere of “Getting Along,” Lincoln Academy’s Big Film project.

Thursday, June 13. Last day of classes for grades 9-11.

Friday, June 14. Faculty and staff Professional Development Day

June 14-16: Lincoln Academy Alumni Weekend. Register for the 2024 Alumni Banquet.

Senior Week 2024

2024 graduation week invite

2024 graduation week invite

Approved Resident Student Travel Dates

air travel

All air travel must be via Portland International Jetport — Airport code:  PWM

All arriving students MUST e-mail a flight itinerary to Ms. Monica Tan, Director of Residential Life

Travel Dates

Traveling on Approved Travel Dates

Lincoln Academy only provides transportation to and from Portland at no cost when students travel on approved travel dates.  Transportation is to the Portland International Jetport (PWM) or the Concord Coach Bus Station.  Lincoln Academy may provide transportation to or from Boston (BOS) airport for a fee.

Whenever possible, Lincoln Academy will provide transportation for students who are traveling on non-approved travel dates.  Transportation on non-approved travel dates incurs a fee.  Students and families may also arrange for transportation from Lincoln Academy on the Concord Coach Bus line or with a local taxi. These services are likely to be very expensive. Transportation on non-approved travel dates must be approved by the Director of Resident Life at least 48 hours before the student leaves campus. 

Transportation Fee Schedule

  • Student transportation to Portland on approved travel dates: NO CHARGE
  • Student transportation to Portland on non-approved travel dates:  $125 one-way (6 am – 9 pm) 
  • Student transportation to Portland on non-approved travel dates:  $175 one-way (9 pm – 6 am) 
  • Student transportation to Boston:  $500 one-way 

Families and students are always urged to plan well ahead. In an emergency, Lincoln Academy will make every effort to accommodate a student’s needs.  Students and families are expected to provide copies of all travel plans and flight itineraries to the Office of Residence Life at least two weeks prior to travel.

End of year travel dates

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2023/2024 Travel Dates for the school year: