Back row, from left: Leo Noren ‘25, Drew Theriault ‘24, Oliver McNamara ‘24, Neptune Martin ‘26, DeHavilland Schau ‘26, Khloe Luce ‘26, Amelia Starbird ‘26. Middle row, from left: Matthew Savage ‘24, Kaylee Cappello ‘24, Violet Bailey ‘24. Front row, from left: Koleman Chesebro ‘27, Ruthann “Alex” Waltz ‘27, Mitchell Dusoe ‘25, Lee Anne Lord ‘27, Katelyn Prior ‘27, Trinity Delaney ‘26.

Recognized but not Pictured: Emmett Anderson ‘27, Bella Collamore ‘27, Lillian Labrie ‘27, Willow Tenney ‘27, Hunter Weeks ‘27, Elliot Davis ‘26, Jackson LeCaptain ‘26, Derryck Lopez ‘26, Aubrey Prock ‘26, Alexandr Shapiro ‘26, Scott Wisecarver ‘26, Tia Carter ‘26, Stella Field ‘25, Leo Noren ‘25, Alex Rockwell ‘25, Kadence Rogers ‘25, Olive Siegel ‘25, Sepp Zammuto ‘24, Gwendolyn Weaver ‘24.

On Friday, May 17, Lincoln Academy once again recognized students for their academic character. These students were selected by the faculty for work completed demonstrated during the third trimester. Each faculty member was encouraged to nominate only one student among all of their classes. Mr. Burroughs recognized these students during the LA community meeting.

During his presentation, Mr. Burroughs referred to the core value of character as defined in the Lincoln Academy mission: “We believe that the character of our students is vital to their success, and to the school as a whole. We model excellence, compassion, honesty, fairness, perseverance, and service to others to inspire students to develop traits that will strengthen future relationships and ability to lead fulfilling lives.”