Lincoln Academy Director of Career and Academic Counseling Annie Edwards, World Languages Department Chair and Bowdoin College graduate Alison Welch, Bowdoin College Book Award Winner Anna Lupien, Career and Academic Counselor Sean Sonderman, and Career and Academic Counselor Alicia Lemar. This and other book awards were presented to juniors at Lincoln Academy on May 17.

Each year Lincoln Academy recognizes students in the junior class who have made significant contributions to the school community. These awards are made possible by sponsoring colleges and other organizations. The 2024 awards were presented during the Lincoln Academy Community Meeting on May 17, 2024.

The Bowdoin College Book Award recognizes a high school junior who has demonstrated extraordinary service to the common good and an unusual passion for inquiry, discovery, and innovative thinking. This year’s Bowdoin College Book Award was awarded to Anna Lupien, who was described as “a student who likes being challenged, and takes the highest level of academic challenge that LA has to offer. She is committed to the LA community beyond the classroom, providing campus tours, serving on the Student Council, helping students as an LA mentor, participating in the National Honor Society, prom planning, involvement in theater productions, and more. Most importantly, she is dedicated to the larger community through her passion for environmental issues.”

Brandeis book award

The 2024 Brandeis book award went to Olive Seigel ’25.

The Brandeis University Book Award goes to an outstanding high school junior in the top 15 percent of the class who demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice, or volunteer work. This year’s Brandeis Book Award went to Olive Seigel. Her teachers say that Olive “participates in lots of extracurricular including tennis, theater, Lincolnaires, recording her own album, peer tutoring, freshmen mentors, Talon, prom committee, sailing, and volunteering at the YMCA for children’s programs, all while carrying a course load full of AP and honor level classes.”

College of the Atlantic Book Award went to Jillian McLaughlin '25book award

College of the Atlantic Book Award went to Jillian McLaughlin ’25.

The College of the Atlantic Book Award is given to a community-minded student who is a steward of change in our social, economic, and environmental systems. This yar it was presented to Jillian McLaughlin, “an adventurous junior engaged in learning and her community. Jillian came to LA as a junior and made an immediate impact. She has demonstrated academic prowess and is a participatory leader in the classroom. She is an active member of the Talon Newspaper staff and LA’s Debate team. Her energetic leadership and enthusiasm for agriculture led to the successful founding of LA’s first Future Farmers of America club this year.”

The 2024 Dartmouth Book Award went to Dylan Burmeister '25

The 2024 Dartmouth Book Award went to Dylan Burmeister ’25

The Dartmouth Book Award is given to a student in the top 10% of the junior class who has made a significant extracurricular contribution to their school, and is respected by their peers and faculty. This year’s recipient of the Dartmouth Book Award is Dylan Burmeister, “a leader on the cross country and track teams who is also a true scholar, taking the most rigorous course load possible, and an outstanding member of Peer Tutoring, Freshman Mentors, National Honor Society, Climate Action Club, Model United Nations, Pine Tree Amendment, Library Team, and the Talon editorial team. An accomplished young scholar and athlete, Dylan has contributed to our community through volunteer opportunities and her work with the Lincoln County News.

The Smith College Book Award is presented to an outstanding junior who exemplifies the academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concerns for others that characterizes the thousands of women who have graduated from Smith College. This year’s recipient is Sophia Scott, who “embodies these qualities and serves as an example of scholarship and community service with her commitment to the performing arts. She is a member of Lincolnaires, Model UN, Sigma Sigma Chi, LA Ambassadors. She is a junior class officer, member of the National Honor Society, freshman mentor, and assistant music director at Poe Theater who arranges, writes, and performs original music on both guitar and keyboard.”

St. Thomas College Book Award went to Sepp Zammuto '25

St. Thomas College Book Award went to Sepp Zammuto ’25

The St. Thomas book award is awarded to a student in the junior class who has demonstrated leadership and strength in all academic areas, and especially strong writing skills. This year’s recipient is Sepp Zammuto, who is described as, “an adventurer at heart and always makes the most of each experience. He participates in theater, cross-country and track, is self-taught in acrobatics, juggling, and can ride a unicycle. He spent the year following his sophomore year in Italy, where he immersed himself in the Italian language and the culture and lived with a host family.”

The Suffolk University Book Award goes to a member of the junior class who exemplifies a commitment to their education and school community. This year’s recipient is Alison Roberts, “a diligent, compassionate student whose work ethic and ambition are inspiring. She has been a member of cross country, track and unified basketball teams, loves learning languages, including French and Japanese, and is a member of the Japanese Kanji and Calligraphy Club. Her thoughtfulness is reflected in everything she does, whether it’s her schoolwork or her commitment to Sources of Strength.”

The Yale University Book Award recognizes outstanding high school juniors for their character, leadership, scholarship, and intellectual promise. This year’s recipient is Laila Brady, who joined Lincoln Academy’s junior class last fall, and has already become immersed in the life of the school. She is an exceptional student who enjoys soccer and skiing. She volunteers to help others through Day of Caring, Key Club, and Cove’s Edge Hospital. She is in Model UN, a peer tutor, and a member of Climate Action Club, Debate Club, Trivia Club, and Student Health Advisory Board at Lincoln Academy.”

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Medal has been awarded since 1916 to one qualified student per high school and is designed to recognize that student’s strength and success in the fields of mathematics and science. Medalists who apply, are admitted to, and enroll at Rensselaer are awarded a scholarship worth $40,000 per year for 4 years. This year’s Lincoln Academy recipient is Jayden Brown, an outstanding math student and musician who placed second statewide in the State Math Meet, and led the LA Math team first place among small schools in the Central Maine Math League.”

University of Rochester scholarships. From left: Alicia Lemar, Annie Edwards, Eli Melanson '25, Amara Jonderson '25, Arsen Mikaylen '25, and Sean Sonderman.

University of Rochester scholarships. From left: Alicia Lemar, Annie Edwards, Eli Melanson ’25, Amara Jonderson ’25, Arsen Mikaylen ’25, and Sean Sonderman.

The following students have been selected as Rochester Institute of Technology 2024 scholarship awardees in recognition of their leadership, service, and achievements: These awardees will receive a waived application fee and a $76,000 scholarship ($19,000 annually) if they are accepted for admission to an RIT program, and enroll full-time in the fall immediately following their high school graduation. Students may use this scholarship to pursue any of the baccalaureate degree programs at RIT. The recipients are For Humanities and Social Sciences: Amara Johnderson. For Science and Math: Eli Melanson. For Business and Leadership: Arsen Mikaelyan. For Women in STEM: Sophie Yates-Paul.