2024 Lincoln Academy Eagle Award Winners are, from left: Eleanor Nery, Lily Swanberg, Oliver McNamara, An Kha, Will Clark, Margaret Duong, Jasper New, Violet Duong, Nick Russ, Maia Hall, Audrey Hufnagel, Eliot O’Mahoney, Dana Lee, Mica Houghton, Connor Parson, Tate Whitmore, Benno Hennig, Gavin Albert, Tate Whitmore, Dylan Lord, Conor Glasier, Kris Edgar, Mitchell Straus, Mya Bessey, Rath Schoenthal, Jonas Stepanauskas, Kayla Cruz, Gabe Hagar, Natalie Kaler, Lucas Houghton, Annie Peaslee, Lucy White, Nate Iliffe, Lucy White, Ella Pendleton, Matthew Savage, Violet Bailey, Tristan Gammond, Jacqueline Pelletier, Nandi Gero, Baylie Anastasio, Ben Gordon, Abby Kopp, Cameron Mcleod, Bella Bodmer, Aiden Keeton, Flora Angyal, Toby Clarkson, Coco Sanchez, and Bonnie Bailey.

Lincoln Academy presented Eagle Awards to the Class of 2024 on Friday, May 24. Eagle Awards are earned by seniors who have sustained a cumulative Grade Point Average of 90 or above over their entire career at Lincoln. Only students who have spent five or more trimesters here qualify for this award.

“Earning an Eagle Award is a significant accomplishment,” said Kelley Duffy, Lincoln Academy Director of Curriculum and Instruction, during the presentation. “Not only do students need to achieve excellence in their classes, they need to sustain that excellence over time.”

Fifty students in the LA Class of 2024 earned Eagle Awards.