This year’s Lincoln Academy L-Club inductees are (from left): Conor Glasier, Jill Chadwick, Cameron Macleod, Nick Russ, Eliot O’Mahoney, Oliver McNamara, CJ Savastano, Gavin Peck, Connor Cass, Gavin Albert, Jacob Caron, Casey Duncan, Damon Ellinwood, Jonas Stepanauskas, Lucas Houghton, Eric Richmond, Jayden Lafrenaye, Natalie Kaler, Tucker Stiles, Connor Parson, Abby Kopp, Allison St. Cyr, Adeline Hall, Jennifer Campbell, Maddy Kallin, Gabe Hagar, Mica Houghton, Mya Bessey, Flora Angyal, Baylie Anastasio, Audrey Hufnagel, and Will Clark. Not pictured: Celia Brinkler, Braxton Crockett.

Class of 2024 L-Club Members were inducted on May 23, 2023. In order to be inducted, L-Club members must earn six varsity letters in multiple sports, or four varsity letters in a single sport. Exceptions were made in this class for athletes whose seasons were canceled due to Covid.