Jim Hall stands at home in Damariscotta with a wall displaying accomplishments from over 60 years of fire department service and decades of involvement with his hometown. “I just like to keep going,” said Hall, who keeps busy at Colby and Gale Inc. – formal retirement in 2007 notwithstanding – and with the Damariscotta Fire Department, where he serves as deputy chief. (Elizabeth Walztoni photo)

Characters of the County: Keeping Up With Jimmy ‘High Speed’ Hall

by for The Lincoln County News

Damariscotta resident James “Jimmy” Hall has always been a hard worker and a helping hand to many in his hometown; it’s just what he likes to do.

“It’s just been great,” he said. “The life is simple, nothing big. It’s just steady go, go, go.”

Hall, likely known to most from decades spent with Colby and Gale Inc. and the Damariscotta Fire Department, grew up in Damariscotta. At age 12 he started working for Lincoln Tire Service, now Sullivan Tire on the corner of Church and Main streets, on weekends and after class at Castner School to help support his family.

After graduating from Lincoln Academy, Hall stayed at Lincoln Tire for a time before his Army service, then moved to the Chevron station in Newcastle, which is now home to the Shuck Station restaurant today. Next came Yudy’s Tire, commuting each day to Hallowell. Hall spent five years there, managing the station for the last three, followed by the coastal sales route for Stratham Tire, selling tires from Brunswick to Belfast.

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Originally published January 29, 2024 in The Lincoln County News. Click on the link above to read the full article.