The Lincoln Academy bell prepared for shipment, and the rusted bolts that once held the bell in place.

The Lincoln Academy Bell is crated up and ready to ship to the Elderhorst Bell company in Pennsylvania for repairs. And not a moment too soon: the bolts attaching the bell to the floor of the belfry were completely rotted out, as the LA maintenance team discovered when they prepared the bell for shipping.

“It’s a good thing the bell is so heavy,” said Matthew Huntley ’92, who now works on the maintenance crew and who helped build the crate for the bell, “because only gravity was holding it in place.”

The bell itself is in excellent condition, but the Verdin Company will inspect it and repair the cradle holding the bell, the clapper, and the moving parts that allow the bell to be rung. In addition to repairs to the bell itself, Lincoln Academy is currently raising money to secure the supports that hold the tower in place and rebuild the belfry before the bell can be returned to its historic perch. More information is available on the Raise the Bell page of the LA website.