Above: LA students in fall Focused Learning Blocks Freshman Seminar and Cribbage. A list of FLB choices can be found at this link.

Lincoln Academy students will pick new Focused Learning Blocks for second trimester.

Focused Learning Block (FLB) is a 40 minute period at the end of the day held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday when students can get extra academic support and participate in clubs and extracurricular activities. Students choose three different activities from more than 65 options and generally participate in those activities for the whole trimester.

During the fall trimester, ninth graders all took Freshman Seminar, an introduction to being a high school student that included how to use Canvas and Google Apps, participate effectively in class discussions, how to communicate with teachers and classmates, understanding grades and transcripts, and future planning. All tenth graders will take sophomore seminar during second trimester. This activity period will focus on college and career readiness.

Students will sign up for Trimester 2 activities the week of November 14th during Advisor period and activities will begin after the Thanksgiving holiday break. You can see a list of second trimester Focused Learning Blocks organized by the day they are offered at this link.

Below: LA students in first trimester FLBs: Cooking Club, The Eagle’s Talon student newspaper, and Knitting Club.