Liam Card (left) and Izzy Petersen are Lincoln Academy’s 2022 delegates to Dirigo State, the program combined from what was previously called Boys and Girls State.

In 2022 the American Legion programs Boys State and Girls State have been combined into one program called Dirigo State. Two rising Lincoln Academy seniors, Izzy Petersen and Liam Card, will attend the 2022 Program at Thomas College in Waterville.

Dirigo State is a program designed to provide experiential instruction in the principles of state government. Delegates spend a week participating in political and governmental processes as citizens and public officials of the State of Maine. Participants establish political parties, run, and lobby for positions and create a model government including town and county governments, a Governor and Governor’s cabinet, a Senate and House of Representatives, and a Supreme Court.

The function of this model government is to provide a forum for the discussion and debate of student ideas. Dirigo State is an experiential learning program, and students are encouraged to ask questions, speak their minds, and participate by speaking out and running for elective office during the program. Students can be elected as Moderator of town meetings, County Commissioner, State House of Representatives or even Governor of the State of Dirigo.

The 2022 Dirigo State program will take place June 19-24.