Lincoln Academy and Heartwood Regional Theater Company announce auditions for their fall 2022  musical production which will mark the 20th season of their collaboration, a unique relationship which  began with a production of Les Miserables almost two decades ago.  

Auditions will be held in the Poe Theater on Monday, June 6 and Tuesday, June 7 from 2:40 to 4:00.  

Current plans are to celebrate the 20th Anniversary and introduce a whole new generation of students to  Les Miserables, which requires a cast of more than thirty. Students from all area high schools,  homeschoolers, incoming LA freshman, new students, and local seventh and eighth graders with  experience in theater are welcome and encouraged to audition. Young actors interested in playing one  of the children (Gavroche or Little Cossette) should come with those songs prepared. However,  students younger than 7th grade in 22-23 will not be considered for the regular ensemble. 

For June 6 and 7 auditions, students should prepare a short piece of music that showcases their vocal  range and interpretation ability. Actors who are not primarily singers may give a short acting  monologue (60 seconds or so). There are many roles in Les Miserables that require only large group  singing. The production will be staged by Griff Braley with musical direction by Beth Preston.  

Students should register at the door to be seen in the order that they register. 

If cast, students will be expected to prepare solos and duets over the summer in preparation for  rehearsals right at the beginning of school in the fall. The music director will be available to assist  students over the summer with song learning and vocal development. 

Questions should be emailed to Griff Braley at