Filip Diakonowicz ’21 receiving the Gary Bensen Social Studies Award,  Addie Brinkler ’22 won an English Department Award, and Maddy Russ ’22 was honored with the Junior Math Award.

In a normal year Lincoln Academy’s academic awards are announced in a Friday assembly, so the whole school can recognize academic excellence achieved during the school year. This year there are no in-person assemblies, so we are listing Academic Awards awards for all grades here. Junior academic awards were presented at the Junior Cookout, and senior awards were presented at Class Night, but this is the first time ninth and tenth grade awards are being announced this year.

Each department at LA chooses their own awards, and they each have different approaches to recognizing excellence. The Social Studies department, for example, only presents one award to a senior, and the Math Department recognizes one junior and one senior, while other departments recognize students at each grade level.

This year’s Lincoln Academy Academic Awards are listed below. Congratulations on all of your hard work in a challenging year!


The English Department recognizes students in each grade level who excel in English. This year the department recognizes:

9th grade:
Audrey Hufnaegel
Mica Houghton
Mitchell Straus

10th grade:
Mara Abbott
Cooper Swartzentruber

11th grade
Addie Brinkler
Will Sherrill

The senior English Awards are referred to as the Lion and Unicorn awards. Some students shine in the English classroom because of their written analytical skills. We can think of them as lions: logical, practical, detailed, and precise. Other students shine because of their creative talents. These are unicorns: whimsical, imaginative, and fantastic. There are still other students who are endowed with the writing skills of both the lion and the unicorn.

Each year, the members of the English Department wish to honor 3 seniors. One who shines as a lion, one who shines as a unicorn, and one who shines in having the combined talents of both the lion and unicorn. These are the Lions and Unicorns to receive these most prestigious awards. are as follows:

Lion: Riley Stevenson
Unicorn: Isaac Russell
Lion and Unicorn: Nyree White

Students recognized for their achievement in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) are:
Shihua Chen
Poannara Kunthea


The Math department recognizes one junior at the Junior Book Awards and one senior at Class Night.

This year’s junior math award goes to Maddy Russ.

The Warren Cunningham Mathematics Prize is awarded each year to a senior who has demonstrated both a mastery of the mathematics courses he or she has taken and a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the study of mathematics. This year’s recipient has performed at a very high level in the classroom throughout his or her years at Lincoln Academy. Additionally, he has demonstrated a passion for the study of mathematics. This year’s Warren Cunningham Mathematics Prize went to Muyao Sun.


The Science Department presents awards to two students at each grade level, plus the Lab Coat award to the senior who has taken the most science courses during their tenure at LA.

9th Grade:
Dylan Lord
Audrey Hufnagel

10th Grade:
Ava Nery
Adalaide Tholen

11th Grade:
Alton Coolidge
Skyler Houghton

12th Grade:
Hilton (Scott) Petersen
Meghan Rose
Nyree White

This year the Science Department also presented two awards to virtual students for demonstrating exceptional engagement and participation in science class as a virtual student. Those awards go to:
Aiden Keeton (9th)
Ava White (10th)

Social Studies:

The Gary Bensen History and Social Studies Distinguished Scholar Award. This award is presented each year to a graduating senior who has demonstrated superior intellectual ability and high interest in the field of History and the Social Studies during their four years at Lincoln Academy. This year’s award is given to Filip Diakonowicz.

World Languages

Lincoln Academy’s World Languages Department recognizes the following students for excellence in Spanish and French. Students were selected based on their work ethic, enthusiasm, ability, contribution to class, and overall effort.

The following students are being recognized in Spanish:
Spanish I: Conor Glasier, Gabriel Hagar, Tristan Gammon
Spanish I Honors: Connor Parson, Audrey Hufnagel
Spanish II: Austin Qiu
Spanish II Honors: Iris Pope, Liam Card, Mara Abbott, Halie Winchenbach
Spanish III: Ashton Foster, Jazmine Balducci
Spanish III Honors: Madelene Russ, Alexa Peck
Spanish IV Honors: Alicia Acosta
AP Spanish IV: Meghan Rose
Spanish V: Scott Petersen

The following students are being recognized in French:
French I: Martha Griffin, Jonas Stephanauskas
French II: Aowyn Burbank
French II Honors: Ava Nery, Isobel Petersen
French III Honors: Forest Holbrook, Katie Sanborn, Will Sherrill
AP French IV: Vanessa Albert, Brian McLaughlin

Visual & Performing Arts:

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department has chosen this year to award 3 outstanding seniors who are going on to major in art in their post-secondary education. They have each excelled in their art classes over the four years at Lincoln Academy, showing great interest &, creativity in, and dedication to, the visual arts. During this unusual year of education, each has still managed to find ways to continue deep exploration in their favored mediums; ceramics and printmaking, as well as delving into media new to them. We are very excited for what the next years hold in store and want them to know we will be right there in spirit!
The recipients are:
Corinna Gill
Beck Lambert
Ruby Long

Performing Arts

In performing arts, awards are given to seniors in both Choir and Band.

The National School Choral Award is the highest honor for high school choral performers. It recognizes the dedication and musical achievement of the top two choral students. The National School Choral Awards are presented to Brennan Cruz and Emma Tolley

The John Phillip Sousa National Band Award is awarded to Andrew Nery

The Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award is awarded to Scott Petersen